Many of you must have known us from that blogTO post, but we still want to make an official introduction.



A solution for cross-border shoppers! Have you ever wanted to get your hands on those trending well-desired products from the States but they do not ship to Canada? Well, then Reach is made, just for you.


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 We are a hybrid retail and shipping store, designed to provide convenience to its members for online shopping, primarily from the USA. Reach will help you save time and simplify your order pickups! No more running from place to place around the city for your packages. Do all your online shopping in one place, then pop by Reach E-Shop, and get all-inclusive package handling including trying on your items! We have a solution for every package pickup need you might have. One of the sweetest perks of being a member with us is you’ll get a special discount for different types of fashion brands from the United States and Canada locals- that we’re carrying in the storefront and online, including and not limited to BWELL, DCPT, Permanent Vacation, Cult of Individuality, RocknRags, Allevo...


Are trusted by some of the world’s biggest online retailers. With many multiple spacious warehouses located across North America, at Reach, we offer very reliable delivery, tracking, customer support, and solutions to reduce issues at customs. Our mission is to make your life easier and handle the returns for you! We offer excellent value for pricing, and with our technology and processes, we make managing B2C cross-border logistics easy and efficient pickup needs you might have.

The waiting area was designed for comfort and to make you feel most at home, Reach's waiting lounge also offers a beverage corner where you can make your matcha, coffee or loose tea.


We are super thrilled to announce that we will be expanding our business on the West Coast and servicing our Vancouver clients!


If you have any feedbacks or questions, leave us a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!